Porter Sampling No. 3 [2/19/2008]

BreweryNameLocationShort DescriptionRating
SinebrychoffPorterKerava, FinlandThick, Good for Breakfast94
Darwin BreweryOriginal Flag PorterDurham, EnglandClean, Tasty, but Low Alcohol89
Okocim BreweryPorterPolandDisappointing75
Flying Dog BreweryRoad Dog Scottish PorterDenver, CONice Flavor94
Sea Dog Brewing CoRiverdriver Hazelnut PorterPortland, MENutty, Low Alcohol92
Anchor Brewing Co.Old Foghorn Barleywine AleSan Francisco, CAGood, Not a Porter though90
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.PorterChico, CAYummy94
Flying Dog BreweryGonzo Imperial PorterDenver, CODecent89

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started a draenei shaman [2/18/2008]

Finished Plague Year [2/18/2008]

Without 24 this season, I have been craving action and suspense. Plague Year delivered. For me it was a gripping story and didn't have any labored or unnecessary scenes. The writing style was neither too flowery nor too choppy.

I think Cam's character was almost comforting, like Jack, strong and steady. He provided the needed weight to balance out Ruth's rockiness. She was a bit annoying in parts.

I think this book proves it's possible to write a nanotech-gone-wrong themed book that doesn't end up sounding like it's preaching bio-Luddite fanaticism. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Finished Shadow of the Giant [2/09/2008]

It was nice to get to know Alai even better in this book, and to get glimpses into the voices of some of the other battle school kids.

It was a little weird for me that Card left Randyll un-found.

And I was never really convinced as to why Bean couldn't have stayed on earth, or Petra gone with him. Was it just to round out Peter's story and give him some humanity? I'm not sure Peter deserved Petra, or that he needed rounding out.

I wonder if Card will write any more books in the enderverse. I'd like to know what happened to Bean and the kids on the ship.