Porter Sampling No. 7 [5/26/2010]

BreweryNameLocationShort DescriptionRating
Samuel AdamsHoliday PorterBoston, MAok, decent89
Lagunitas Brewing CoCappucinno StoutPetaluma, CAok, but not exciting90
Moylan's Brewing CoDragoons Dry Irish StoutNovato, CAthin, dry, a bit hoppy88
Brew DogRip Tide twisted merciless stoutEnglandhoppy88
Green Flash Brewing CoDouble StoutSan Diego, CAunmemorable88
Anderson Valley Brewing CoBarney Flats Oatmeal StoutBoonville, CAdecent89
Bell's BreweryKalamazoo StoutComstock, MIbitter87
Boulder Beer CompanyObovoid Oak-Aged Oatmeal StoutBoulder, COI didn't like the aged in oak flavor87
Jedrzejow BreweryStrzelec PorterJedrzejow, Polandthick, molasses like94
Samuel AdamsCream StoutBoston, MAtoasty93
Deschutes BreweryObsidian StoutBend, ORnice body, toasty92
Odell Brewing CoCutthroat PorterFort Collins, COmalty, dry, clean94
Prescott Brewing CoAchocolypse PorterPrescott, AZrich, very chocolatey92

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Finished Here Comes Everybody [5/18/2010]

The first part of the book is mostly anecdotes that are individually pretty interesting. But, I was left wondering about their relevance and whether or not anything could be extrapolated from them. In the last few chapters Shirky really puts it all together and makes several large scale conclusions about the role of the internet and social networking in our society and our future.

Finished Patternmaster [5/08/2010]

I have mixed feelings on this conclusion to Butler's Patternist series. I found it to be a fun read, but, it was also kind of difficult for me to care one way or another about Teray's fate. As a whole, the series is worthwhile. But, I don't think Patternmaster could stand up well on it's own. At least the characters weren't annoying like those in Mind of My Mind were.

Finished Clay's Ark [5/05/2010]

This is another book in Butler's four part Patternist series. I found this one much more to my liking than Mind of My Mind. It's got a lot of action and the characters are interesting. It's gritty but still accessible. I would have liked the story to be even longer and cover more of what happened after the clayark disease spread.

2nd Annual PBS Craft Brewing Festival [5/01/2010]

Unfortunately, Oran was sick for the 2nd PBS craft brew fest. So, we didn't get to stay very long or try everything. This time they had more food options and the venue was pretty nice. I was somewhat disappointed because most of the local AZ breweries brought only their usual stuff. I had already tried almost of all of the beers. I was hoping to see their seasonals and special small batch brews. Oh well. A shout out to Prescott Brewing Company for bringing a seasonal their Achocolypse Porter - it was thick, rich and delicious. Now I am wanting to visit Prescott again.