my first car adornment [9/30/2008]

coolest exercise mat ever [9/30/2008]

Now my crunches are slightly less painful thanks to these awesome foam puzzle pieces Oran bought me. : )

Finished Jhereg [9/23/2008]

This book explained a lot about Dragearan society. I really liked getting to know Aliera. I hope one of Brust's books will tell the story of how she got Pathfinder. Now, I'm not surprised as to why the Demon helped him in Dzur, seems to me now that he would owe Vlad even more backup then he gave. The end scheme to trick Mellar shows Vlad's strength at recognizing his friends best abilities and using them all to create an unbeatable team. On to the second book - Yendi.

a victorian cthulhu? [9/19/2008]

unusual homes, sculptures, and gardens by eccentric builders [9/16/2008]

I made another google map:

It currently includes:
Gilroy Gardens -
Nitt Witt Ridge -
Rubel Castle -
Forestiere Underground Gardens -
Bottle Village -
Watts Towers -
Forevertron -
House on the Rock -
Mystery Castle -
Eliphante -
Cano's Castle -
Bishop's Castle -
Garden of Eden -
Pasaquan -
Broken Angel -
Las Pozas -
Casa da Flor -
Junkerhaus -
Facteur Cheval's Perfect Palace -
Maison Sculptee -
Robert Tatin's House -
Nek Chand's Rock Garden -
Owl House -
Hermit House -
Paper House -
Les Rochers Sculptes -
Maison Picassiette -
La Maison a Vaisselie Cassee -
Le Jardin du Coquillage -
Le Jardin de Nous Deux -
La Fabuloserie-Bourbonnais -
Totem Pole Park -
Tarot Garden -
Wienrebenpark -

Finished Dzur [9/04/2008]

This was my first Brust book. Maybe starting on number 10 in a series isn't the best idea.. I had quite a few questions that I'm sure were answered in the earlier novels. However, I think I understood most of it.

This was also my first fantasy book in a long time. I enjoyed the action and fast pace. I also really liked the main character Vlad. I'll definitely read more of the series as I am a true sucker for books involving dragon familiars. :)