Finished Issola [10/24/2008]

Almost the whole book took place in the realm of the Jenoine and yet I learned very little about them. It was kind of disappointing. Also I'm not sure I buy the whole lab-rat theory. I did however enjoy the dialogue between Vlad and Lady Teldra. I was also happy to finally hear how Vlad ended up with his great weapon. I'm not sure why Morrolan should have any reason to blame Vlad. After reading this book I really want to learn more about the Serioli.

Finished Orca [10/22/2008]

I really enjoyed reading from Kiera's perspective. She is definitely one of my favorite Brust characters. Why do like the assassin and thief so much more than anyone with a reasonable job? I think this finally explains why I dislike Sethra - she's like the antithesis of Kiera. I wonder though how she can deal with being separated from Iceflame? I am also still wondering what the background is between Sethra and Vlad in his past-life? I'm surprised how much I've enjoyed these books about Vlad that are written from other points of view.

Finished Athyra [10/19/2008]

I really enjoyed reading a Vlad novel narrated by someone else. Throughout the climax, I kept wondering when Savn would remember to try to make psionic contact. It's strange to me that this book was not called Teckla, as it seemed to show more about their life then that of the Athyra. I liked the balance between emotion and logic in Savn's character. It was also very interesting to see things from Rocza's perspective. Although I would have expected her to have a closer relationship to Vlad. I also enjoyed the rural outdoors setting as a nice change from Adrilankha.

Finished Phoenix [10/15/2008]

I liked this book much better than some of the previous ones. It was cool to see a part of Dragaera other than Adrilankha for once, to see that life is different outside of the empire. I wish there was even more time spent on Greenaere and getting to know Aibynn. It was surprising and intriguing finding out the relationship between Verra and Aliera and Vlad. It was also satisfying to finally have Cawti express some emotion towards Vlad at the end. I wonder if Morrolan and Noish-pa will become friends?

On Notice: Rolling Rock (or, an Ode to the Full Moon) [10/14/2008]

Rolling Rock's recent advertising campaign really got to me. Suggesting that you would deface the awe inspiring beauty of the full moon with your logo is deeply offensive.

I realize the claims were in jest, but, to me it isn't even acceptable to joke about doing something like that. There are many beautiful things in this life, but, most of them are fleeting. The full moon is one of the few constants throughout the ages.

Is nothing sacred? Seriously, is nothing sacred?

"That orbed maiden
with white fire layden,
whom mortals call
the moon."
- Shelley

Finished Taltos [10/10/2008]

I liked the main story of Morrolan and Vlad getting to know each other in the Paths of the Dead. It explained why Morrolan and Aliera are always ready to help Vlad without question. I had know idea how much he had helped them. I'm still not sure what made Vlad decide to help them in the first place. It was kind of weird throughout the book not knowing when or where the spell sequences were taking place. This book didn't really change my opinion about Sethra being strange.

Finished Teckla [10/06/2008]

I'm surprised I didn't like Teckla nearly as much as I would have expected. I typically like revolutionary themed books. I didn't like having Vlad so introspective and philosophical. And I really didn't like Cawti acting so emotional and irrational. I also have a difficult time believing that the Teckla and the Easterners would join forces, even if they share a common oppressor.

Finished Yendi [10/03/2008]

I didn't like this book as much as Dzur or Jhereg. I didn't get to know the Sorceress in Green well enough for it to make sense that she was as involved in any of it. I also didn't like the vibe that Sethra gave off in this book. It makes me less interested in her than I was before.

It was pretty funny to have Vlad so distrusting of Aliera and Morrolan compared to the almost complete trust he had towards them in Jhereg. I did enjoy learning about how Vlad and Cawti met and fell in love. That part at least seemed believable to me. I wonder if Cawti will continue to do "work" now that her partnership with Norathar is over.