wagalabagala [3/30/2008]

We bought this giclee on canvas by Andy Van Schyndle at the art fair. Isn't it awesome?

Here is his website (it's down right now but hopefully it will be back soon) www.wagalabagala.com

more goat cheese [3/30/2008]

The CoonRidge stall was back again at the Art Fair and we bought even more this time! Flame Roasted Green Chile, Southwestern Blend, Chile Chipotle, and Scarborough Fair were all yummy. We've tried almost all their flavors now. It's very good with baguettes.

Fad Prediction No. 1 - Vintage Circus Theme [3/29/2008]

When I got really into skulls about 10 years ago, had I posted that they would become the next big design fad, you may have believed me. It wasn't that weird for it to come true, because it's a common icon the world over. It's culturally significant because we all struggle with death.

A vintage circus themed design fad is a little more unlikely to come true. Here is my official statement that I predicted it in March of 2008, in case it does happen sometime in the near future.

In Across the Universe there is this scene:

Then there is this Farmer's Insurance Commercial:

super soups [3/19/2008]

Yes, super target is super. They make these awesome soups. I really hope they don't discontinue them. I'm eating half a jar for lunch most days.

traxxas t-maxx [3/19/2008]

Starting Info:

  JR Z9100T Ultra High Torque Surface Servo
  Pro-Line Maxx Performance Steering Kit
  Integy Front Bulkhead
  *RPM Swingarms
  *RPM Skid Plate
  *RPM Bulkhead Brace
  *RPM Body Mounts

  *Grave Robber Body

*Pending rebuild

murals near my house [3/16/2008]

Muffud's Chocolate Porter [3/15/2008]

For my birthday, Dan made a batch of chocolate porter. Here are some pics from the brewing:

Too bad the pics from the bottling day were lost.
Thanks Dan and Amey for the yummy present!