quotes from fall shows, or dulling the pain of veronica mars deprivation [11/17/2007]

From House:

House: We can try and pretend we're above it, we can try and intellectualize it away. But ultimately, shiny, pretty, perky things are good, and ugly, misshapen teenage boys are repulsive.
Darnell: The question was, do you resent Dr. Cuddy's interference in your practice?
House: Oh. Well, then I guess my answer wasn't very helpful, was it?

From Dirty Sexy Money:
Nick: All right listen, this has been a massive misunderstanding, and I can assure you my client is going to be found innocent of all charges brought against him, so theres no story here. Please excuse us.
Female Reporter: Is it true you won the Yacht in a poker game, Jeremy?
Male Reporter: Jeremy, how long have you been smuggling people into the country?
Jeremy: I don't know.
Nick: Don't answer that.
Female Reporter: Is it true you were planning to harvest their organs?
Nick: You know, that is just dumb. Why say things like that?!

From Reaper:
Russ: Wait a minute. What kind of a host do I think I am? We can't just watch the movie. We need to get high first. Who wants to rip some peyote?
Sam: Ya know Russ tonight's not a good peyote night.
Russ: Oh no no no. Peyote man it makes a great platform. And then we customize with a well chosen assortment of party enhancers. We've got angel tears, horse tranqs, jelly babies, muskies, happy flakes.
Sock: Happy flakes?
Russ: Poppers.
Ben: Thanks Russ, ya know Russ. I was gonna pass.
Sock: And ya know, I took a horse tranq on the way over here so I'm good.
Russ: You guys said you came over to party right?
Sam: Of course.
Russ: Well ok then. alright. I don't want to watch this movie until we're like rolling 4 deep ok?

From Pimp My Ride:
Xizibit: Being that we could not find out what the hell to do with those bones we found. We decided to do what everybody does when they find bones. Dip 'em in gold. So you can wear 'em around your neck. Ya know what I'm sayin? Ya know what I'm sayin? Gold plated bones. Ya know what I'm sayin?

From Pushing Daisies:
Ned: I asked you not to use the word "zombie." It's disrespectful. Stumbling around squawking for brains? It's not how they do. And "undead"? Nobody wants to be "un"-anything. Why begin a statement with a negative? It's like saying "I don't disagree." Just say you agree.
Emerson: Are you comfortable with "living dead"?
Ned: You're either living or your dead. When you're living, you're alive. When you're dead, that's what you are. But when you're dead and then you're not, you're alive again. Can't we say "alive again"?