the 2007 mmm Awards [5/17/2008]

and the caterpillars go to:

album of the year

the shins - wincing the night away

best new artist

collie buddz

best instrumental album

mickey hart & zakir hussain - global drum project

movie of the year

the golden compass

big budget movie of the year


underrated movie of the year

the golden compass

best dramatic performance in a movie

george clooney in michael clayton

funniest actor/actress in a movie

katherine heigl in knocked up

best special effects

the golden compass

best set design

the golden compass

best costume design

the golden compass

best chase scene of the year

the bourne ultimatum

best rescue scene of the year

live free or die hard

best original screenplay

michael clayton

best adaptation of a book screenplay

the golden compass

can't believe it lived up to my high expectations award

the darjeeling limited

heist movie of the year

mad money

tv show of the year


funniest actor in a tv show

hugh laurie in house

funniest actress in a tv show

mary louise parker in weeds

best new scifi/fantasy show


best new drama tv show

tie: private practice, journeyman

best new comedy tv show

dirty sexy money

best south park episode of the year

  fantastic easter special

best new crime show

pushing daisies

best tv show soundtrack


funniest youtube parody this year

  david blaine street magic parody parts 1,2,3

best parody of the year

the onion's our dumb world

best cult rivalry of the year

  steven colbert vs bears

best mainstream rivalry of the year

  blu-ray vs hd-dvd

internet meme of the year

  the dear sister parodies

funniest website of the year

  overheard in new york

best comics of the year


Please let me know if I should post awards for 2006 and 2005. Also, please suggest new categories for the 2008 awards if you think I'm missing something important. I purposefully left out books because I'm _way_ behind on my reading list.