Geology and Art [3/10/2009]

Ever since I first visited southern Utah, 5 years ago, I've been in awe of the geology in the area. I love the hoodoos, arches, badlands, honeycomb weathering, petrified dunes, and other strange looking formations.

That's why I was immediately drawn to the artwork of Steve Hilton, former geologist turned artist, who creates ceramic works that mirror geological forms.

I first saw this piece at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Center.

These are a few of my other favorites:

Another intriguing artist whose work is highly geologically themed is Alison Carey. She constructs diorama type models, and then photographs them. Her series Organic Remains of a Former World, depicts reconstructions of past ocean environments and life forms from each of the 7 Paleozoic periods. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Here are two of my favorites: