Finished Pattern Recognition [8/14/2007]

My initial thoughts:

1 Now I really want to know what exactly Voytek was going to do with all the ZX-81's. What was the finished work supposed to look like? What was it going to compute, if anything?

2 At the end, I felt sorry for Boone. I wished that Cayce would have forgiven him. I think Bigend was wrong to think of him as being conceited or acting full of himself.

3 It's weird, I always pictured Parkaboy as being young (teens/20's) probably because of the "boy" in his name. Having him end up older felt weird and wrong to me.

4 Why wasn't Cayce creeped out by the Bigend/Volkov partnership? She sensed foreboding bad vibes when she accepted Bigend's offer. I felt oooh this'll mean trouble when I heard Bigend and Volkov became pals. But, Cayce doesn't seem to care to speculate on what it will mean. Maybe because she is just happy to be alive.