Worshiping Elephants? [8/29/2007]

Does anyone out there want to explain to me the basics of Ganesh? Of all the religions I've read about I know the least about Hinduism. I've tried reading the upanishads and the english translation seemed like another language. I just didn't understand. But lately I've noticed elephants showing up in the background.

First there was this Skippy commercial. How could I not notice Rastafarian elephants?

And then there was the Diane Rehm discussion of this book about elephant communication research. They send seismic messages to each other. I was impressed and took note.

Then I ran across the Howard Hollis website and found his crazy section on Wrong Dimension toys which included a Fischer Price Ganesh with a funny fake history.

So randomly I wonder what Ganesh is all about.
I wonder about worshiping elephants.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever read The Elephant and the Bad Baby?