seriously! people [8/14/2007]

is your "troubled" son really more troubled than your daughter?

and can you please feel less guilty about blaming _______ for his problems?
    where fill-in-the-blank is:
        a. pornography
        b. video games
        c. rap music
        d. drugs
        e. not having been taken fishing

a. there is dr. phil saying pornography will ruin your marriage. does he get off on knowing there is a bunch of saps out there who actually remain horny and frustrated because he said so? and then, i find out there is apparently someone (not sure who) out there convincing mothers that if their teenage sons view pornography they will end up abusing women and children. this is disturbing.
b&c. there is dr. sax (from MIT ?!) saying that video games and rap music are making boys unmotivated and unsuccessful. (and i was almost going to believe him about the supposed extra estrogen in the environment)
d. contrary to popular belief, not every guy who does drugs lives in his parent's basement. some actually end up president.
e. ok, i don't actually have a real example for this one. : )