Finished Spook Country [8/21/2007]

Wow, William Gibson rocks! I wish I could write like him.

So 50 pages in it suddenly hits me, Pattern Recognition was Neuromancer rewritten in current times, and Spook Country is Count Zero. Cool! This means there must be a third book coming that is an analog of Mona Lisa Overdrive. I hope it doesn't take him 4 years to write it.

I don't know why this wasn't more apparent when I was reading Pattern Recognition. I guess it's been awhile now since I read Neuromancer and Count Zero and I don't remember everything that happened or all the characters. But Cayce's name being the same as Case should have been a huge clue. In fact it took me until I realized that Bobby's name was also Bobby to fully cement the connection for me. And then I started seeing all these patterns...

I wonder why Gibson chose to tell the same basic story twice only from slightly different perspectives and in a different reality. Like the laws of physics, these are the laws of Gibson?

I really liked Tito, I think he's my favorite Gibson character so far. I'll be really upset if Brown comes back and kills him in the next book. That better not happen.