Finished the All Tomorrow's Parties [8/10/2007]

I finished All Tomorrow's Parties, and now I have more questions than answers. I think I will go read some Amazon comments and see if things start making more sense. His books are so rich with ideas, that there seems an endless number of essays you could write on them. But, I'm having trouble so far finding good in-depth essays on these books. Just reviews. Maybe they are being written and just not being published on the web. I figured I'd easily find 8 years worth of lively discussion.

My questions/thoughts so far:

1. When Rei Toi replicated herself: Did she keep one central consciousness with multiple physical presences? Or, is she now split into separate consciousnesses that immediately started diverging? If the later, can the clones access each other's memories?

2. When Gibson has Harwood burn the Bridge: Is he trying to say that it really is impossible for interstitials/autonomous zones/bohemias to survive as Harwood believes? Or, is it just that Harwood is consciously/unconsciously fulfilling his own prophecy?

3. What is "that business around Curie's husband"? [Note to self: try to figure this out.]

4. Within the books there is high prevalence of drugs that have psychological effects, and people with obvious psychological diseases, and yet, I can think of no true paranoia in the trilogy. People sense themselves being watched -- and they are being watched. People sense danger -- and they are in real danger. Is this discrepancy intentional? Is Gibson trying to say something here that I'm missing?

5A. Why does Gibson kill off both Laney and Harwood? Is the ability to recognize nodal points supposed to be detrimental by definition? Or, does taking 5-SB seal your fate somehow dooming you to death by suicide or murder? Or, was it just their obsession to influence the future so profoundly that sealed their fates? Is there some type of force out-there that is supposed to stop us from being able to see nodal points?

5B. As the knowledge spreads, will more and more people decide to willingly take 5-SB, to sacrifice themselves for some potential greater good? I can envision a future reality in which some evil corporation or government forcing slaves to take 5-SB to identify nodal points. I think I remember something sort of similar in that weird tv show John Doe. And also something vaguely similar in A Scanner Darkly. [Note to self: look into other examples of this theme further, could be interesting comparisons to be made.]