Finished the Deathly Hallows [7/28/2007]

>>Warning: Spoilers>>Don't read my thoughts if you haven't finished the book yet.

Overall, I wasn't disappointed, which was a bit surprising because for some strange reason I expected to be disappointed. There were a few points that I wish were done differently of course, but, I guess that's almost always the case with epics.

I wish the epilogue wasn't included. I don't think it was needed. And, it didn't seem to fit with the rest of the book. Also, I think it was set too far in the future. For me, if there had to be an epilogue, I wish it would have been one or two years later.

And I wish that Severus had survived, which I think could have reasonably happened. Shouldn't V's powers have been weakened by that point? I wanted some hope that if she wrote any more books, he'd be there. Now... it would have to be a prequel for us to have more of him.

And when I was reading about Lily and Severus, I wished it would turn out that he was Harry's real father. I guess that would have been too much for Harry to handle at that point, but, still. That's the kind of excessively over-the-top stuff this final book could have used (in my opinion). I just wasn't shocked by any of it. And for a seven-book series the last book could have been more shocking. I'm not saying he shouldn't have killed off V and lived (I'm totally fine with that). I'm just saying there could have been more drama thrown in of a type other than characters getting killed, which is to be expected.

Loved the part where Severus took the second page of the letter and ripped the photo.
Just great.
And Dumbledore's back history, and the Gringott's robbery were also just great!
Guess that's about it.